Testing is very important. If it’s not tested, it’s broken.

General concepts

Unit testing

Unit tests should be fast (less than a few seconds to run a full test suite).

They should use py.test because it’s our testing framework of choice.

Integration testing


Front-end testing

When developing SPA (single page applications), use your framework of choice prefered testing tools to implement unit and integration tests.

Full stack testing

To run full stack (back end + front end) integration testing, use Selenium or a variant of it (or phantomjs / casperjs / …).

Use the “page object pattern”: <https://nulogy.com/who-we-are/company-blog/articles/using-the-page-object-pattern-in-your-automated-tests/> to make your test cleaner an maintainable.

Example for Python: <https://github.com/alisaifee/holmium.core/>

Best practices can be explored at SeleniumConf (for instance: <http://2016.seleniumconf.co.uk/>).